Siteless Clinical Trials – Should Sites Be Concerned?

There are obvious benefits to siteless trials: cost efficiency, patient convenience, and the potential for more accurate data. But, all sites and CROs are familiar with the hazards of electronic patient reported outcomes or ePRO. Indeed, siteless clinical trials may rob sites of many of the prized “simple” trials they enjoy today. However, siteless trials are not … Read moreSiteless Clinical Trials – Should Sites Be Concerned?

The High-Potential Biosimilars Market

A biosimilar (also known as follow-on biologic or subsequent entry biologic) is a biologic medical product that is almost an identical copy of an original product that is manufactured by a different company. Biosimilars are versions of original “innovator” products and can be manufactured when the original product’s patent expires. Reference to the innovator product … Read moreThe High-Potential Biosimilars Market

What are Pragmatic Clinical Trials?

A pragmatic clinical trial (PCT), sometimes called a practical clinical trial (PCT) is a clinical trial that focuses on correlation between treatments and outcomes in real-world health system practice rather than focusing on proving causative explanations for outcomes, which requires extensive deconfounding with inclusion and exclusion criteria so strict that they risk rendering the trial … Read moreWhat are Pragmatic Clinical Trials?