Our Process

We match sites with studies and studies with sites. Here’s how it works:

For Research Sites

When joining Trial Connections, your site completes a survey about your capabilities and study preferences, which is updated regularly. As we process new study opportunities every day, we identify those that may be of interest to your site and then contact you with summary information about that study. If you are interested in completing a feasibility questionnaire, we provide the questionnaire to you and then submit it directly to the study team; you control the timing and messaging to the study Sponsor or CRO. If you are awarded the trial, your site pays us directly for connecting you with the opportunity.

For Sponsors and CROs

Trial Connections business development professionals work with site selection teams to identify high performing sites that meet the attributes you seek for your project. Our database of over 150 sites provides more efficient access to the sites you need at no cost to your organization.